Ego Lemos’ Alfabetu Song

Ego Lemos brings the alphabet to the children of Timor-Leste with his music. Produced for the Ministry of Education.


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Afternoon jam with the Darwin Rondalla

IMG_7033 IMG_7066 IMG_7059

Cited as one of Darwin’s most iconic groups the Darwin Rondalla in action at the DCA studio in Malak, Darwin. With Bong Ramilo, Felino Molina, Melody Yuin Foh, Miguel Molina, and Brenda Jeanne Cubillo. Photos by Joseph Purugganan/APM. 26 October 2014.

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Pete Seeger (1919-2014)

“Its true to a certain extent, one of the purpose of music is to help you survive your troubles, help distract you from your troubles, but some music helps you understand your troubles, and some music can help you do something about your troubles.”

Pete Seeger

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January 30, 2014 · 2:19 am

Rock vs the Round: Musicians against the WTO


Musicians against the WTO (MAW) represents the coming together of various artists in a project aimed at popularizing issues and generating public interest on the WTO and globalization issues in the Philippines.

Conceptualized in early September 2005, MAW became part of the trade campaign in the Philippines spearheaded by the Stop the New Round Coalition, Focus on the Global South, Kilusang Mangingisda, Tambuyog Development Center, NGOs for Fisheries Reform, Philnet-RDI, and Jubilee South.

MAW produced Rock against the Round CD– a compilation of songs reflecting various perspectives on globalization, from the personal to the political. The CD features 12 songs from a diverse mix of artists representing different music

al genres from folk to punk. The songs touch on themes of poverty and inequality, hunger and food insecurity, commodification of lives and natural resources, global hegemony and domination.

The songs on the Album

 Espasyo – The Village Idiots

Welcome to the Free World – Noel Cabangon

(Hangga’t maari) Ayaw Naming Pumatay – Einstein Chakras

Million Dollar Man – Agaw Agimat

Food Trip- Radio Active Sago Project

Who’s Next- Bridge

Free Market Bull – Strap on 7 inch

Vampire Sam (the global order) – Beauty of Doubt

(ikaw) ay Karne – Datu’s Tribe

Pa-experience – Pedicab

Changes (justice not politics) – Pink Cow

Republika de lata – the Wuds

In 2008, MAW staged a mini-concert in Cubao X, in Quezon City, Philippines which featured performances from Noel Cabangon, Jess Santiago, Pedicab, Peryodiko, Radioactive Sago Project, Village Idiots and Sandwich as part of the continuing campaign against WTO and the Doha Round.

“What is happening in the WTO, the domination by the rich over the poor, the powerful over the powerless is colonialism revisited. Only now it goes by the name globalization. Artists today like those that resisted colonialism in the past must act against and inspire resistance to the oppression and domination” said musician Jess Santiago.

“In these times, for musicians and artists to be apathetic in face of a reprehensible anti-people force like the WTO is a criminal act” added Lourd de Veyra, front man of Radioactive Sago Project.

Listen online and download the album at 

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Concert for Food Sovereignty in Jakarta

Concert for Food Sovereignty in Jakarta

Filipino Musician Jess Santiago set to perform with Ego Lemos of Timor Leste and Indonesian bands in the Food Sovereignty Night Concert on 12 June 2013 in Jakarta.

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May 23, 2013 · 7:41 am

Youth Food Movement Indonesia: Sampler of music from upcoming collection of songs for Food Sovereignty

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Youth Food Movement Indonesia: Music Campaign

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