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Ideas on building the network

There are musicians across Asia who write and perform songs that are rooted in people’s struggles. People’s Music is the broad term we use to refer to the songs expressed by these musicians; songs that speak about the hopes and aspirations of peoples and communities who are struggling against forces of oppression and marginalization.

These songs articulate the stories of peoples and communities; amplifying their calls for change and transformation to the way societies and economies are organized; these songs advocate for alternatives and just solutions to issues and problems facing societies.

Across the region, purveyors of peoples music have come together both as a movement of artists and as part of bigger movements for social change. In Thailand, groups like the legendary Caravan, who has been around for decades and continue to voice out the people’s opposition to repressive regimes is one the leading proponents of the song for life movement. In the Philippines, there is the experience of Musika, a collective of artists who pushed the idea and practice of what came to be known as Musikang Bayan. In Indonesia we hear the voice of Emha and his Gamelan Ensemble leading efforts to organize and strengthen peoples’ resilience to natural disasters like the  tsunami and earthquake disasters that hit that country.

There is a growing consciousness as well among peoples across Asia, as both a response and a challenge to the efforts of government to build regional communities- to likewise build bridges that will unite these communities of artists into one village– A village of people’s music and art.

A collective of artists in the Philippines has initiated an effort that aims to contribute towards the goal of building a network of socially engaged artists across Asia that promote and popularize Peoples Music as a tool to advance peoples struggles.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Establish an Asia Peoples Music CENTER – This can be both a “virtual’ and a ‘real’ center which serves as a repository of peoples music collected from the region and a hub for interaction, collaboration and exchange. The Center can likewise serve as a PLATFORM- for peoples advocacies and campaigns using music as a tool for information, education and campaigns.
  2. To develop a PLAN to evolve an ‘ASIAN PEOPLES MUSIC’ culture and movement

Key Strategies

  1. Development of a WEBSITE- which will serve as the ‘virtual center’
  2. Development of ‘THE VILLAGE’ RADIO SHOW- A one-hour program that broadcasts once a month (initially) dedicated to the promotion of Asian Peoples Music.
  3. Consolidating the initial network of artists formed and nurtured over the years by Jess Santiago thru regular communications, regional workshops, concerts, and other projects.



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